From the Rabbit Hole

April 9th, 2018

From The Rabbit Hole, Mary K. Jensen


I took a little misstep—or perhaps a perfect step–not long ago, and have been living in a different world ever since. I recall that a girl named Alice had a similar experience. While I do not remember meeting any white rabbit with a top hat, I have nonetheless entered a surreal world. I speak to you today from the depths of the Rabbit Hole.

It all began when I was struggling to find something to focus on that was at once productive and therapeutic, something that could fill gaps in my life after the death of my spouse and the recurrence of serious illness.  Match that with a realization that the bucket list still said “Write Your Book.”  My definition of “Book” was simple enough: a short, plastic-bound journal of travels with my irrepressible spouse, written for his daughter and my nieces and nephews.

But then I met the Mendocino Coast Writers, Jim Smith and Martha Ruggli of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Chico State, and the She Writes Press, a publishing house that, I learned over time, lives out the very definition of a partnership press.

The book’s release date is April 10, but early reviewers have been generous in praise and support. Between us, I suspect that the warm reception for “Rudy’s Rules”is linked at least in part to the readiness of our world to hear about an optimistic, spontaneous life-traveler who finds kind strangers around every corner. Kirkus gave the book a starred review, which was thrilling enough for someone who started out writing only for her family, but its latest naming of “Rudy’s Rules” as an Indie Book of the Month for May sends me further down the Rabbit Hole. I am hoping I don’t wake up from this particular dream.  Feel free to join me down here.      Yours, Mary K




ALERT to those in the Chico, California area:  A benefit Book Signing takes place Saturday, April 28, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at ABC Books, 950 Mangrove, Chico.  Proceeds from books sold that day will be donated to the AAUW Chico Scholarship fund for local girls. 





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